Current Public Company Representation
Able Energy, Inc.

Acorn Energy, Inc. (formerly Data Systems & Software Inc.)

Applied Neurosolutions, Inc.

Lpath, Inc.

Neurologix, Inc.

Oxis International, Inc.

Pharmos Corporation

Securac Corp.

Sono-Tek Corporation

TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc.

Tower Semiconductor, Inc
    Transaction Highlights
Advanced Materials Design

  •        Preferred Stock investment and recapitalization
Applied Neurosolutions, Inc.

  •        $8 million PIPE of common stock, warrants
  •      $2.9 million PIPE of common stock warrants
Axonyx, Inc.

  •        $50 million PIPE transaction
  •      $20 million PIPE transaction
  •      Stockholder rights plan (poison pill)
Benedek Investments

  •        Investments in independent film projects
CDx Laboratories

  •        $10 million venture capital financing of preferred stock
Comverge Technologies, Inc.

  •        Acquisition of Scientific Atlanta's Control Systems Division
Acorn Energy, Inc. (formerly Data Systems & Software Inc.)

  •        $31 million sale of Israeli semiconductor foundry
  •      Several PIPE financings
  •      Acquisition of SCR Tech for $10 million
Dexmet Corporation

  •        Sale of privately held business
Digital Lava, Inc.

  •        $18 million initial public offering
Elbit Vision Systems, Ltd.

  •        $9.8 million registered offering of warrants, ordinary shares
  •      $13.4 million registered offering of ordinary shares
Espro Information Technologies Ltd

  •        Acquisition of Acoustiguide Inc.
Israel Berger & Associates

  •        Leveraged recapitalization
Life Medical Sciences

  •        $2.8 million private placement of preferred stock
Lpath, Inc.

  •        Reverse merger and PIPE financing
Medical Conferences International

  •        Sale of majority stake of privately held business in excess of
                    $30 million
Mooney Aerospace, Inc.

  •        Privatization of public company
PEI Systems, Inc.

  •        Sale of privately held business
Plus Funds Group

  •        Recapitalization and preferred stock venture investment
Pharmos Corporation

  •        Acquisition of Vela Pharmaceuticals for cash and stock and related
                    proxy contest
  •       $50 million sale of opthalmic business
  •     $31 million underwritten common stock offering
  •     $16.75 million registered placement
  •     $21 million convertible debenture offering
  •     Numerous PIPE transactions of stock/debentures and warrants
  •     Stockholders rights plan (poison pill)
San Vicente Group

  •        Liquidation of Venture Capital Fund
Securac Corp.

  •        $10.5 million convertible debenture, equity line
The Equion Corporation

  •        Sales of automotive parts businesses
Tower Semiconductor, Inc.

  •        $73 million public offering of ordinary shares
  •      $50 million rights offering
United Rentals, Inc.

  •        $240 million public stock offering
  •      $1 billion senior note offerings
  •      $125 million convertible note offerings
Xtellus, Inc.

  •        Series A through D venture capital rounds